Cora 5001 Raman Spectroscopy Teaching Package

Anton Paar’s Cora 5001 Raman spectroscopy teaching package features a broad variety of experiments to help you make the most of your Raman spectroscopy teaching experience.

Our Cora 5001 Raman spectroscopy teaching package includes a variety of experiments to help you teach your students the basics of qualitative and quantitative Raman spectroscopy. Because it describes experiments in easy-to-follow steps, the package is perfect for students of all knowledge levels. Detailed preparation instructions as well as model solutions make this package an invaluable tool for university teachers around the world.


The teaching package contains both a student’s and teacher’s guide for experiments that can be conducted with Cora 5001. Although samples aren’t included in the package, detailed instructions for sample preparation along with suggestions for alternative samples are outlined in the teacher’s guide.

Students will:

  • Acquire the basics: what a Raman spectrometer is made of, what Raman spectroscopy measures, how useful it is for chemistry and other disciplines, and its underlying measuring principle
  • Learn how to interpret Raman spectra with an introduction to vibrational spectroscopy
  • Learn which types of samples to use Raman spectroscopy with
  • Find out which industries use Raman spectroscopy
  • Know how to obtain qualitative and quantitative substance information with Raman spectroscopy
  • Understand the special challenges associated with using Raman spectroscopy
  • Appreciate the limits of the method, and learn how to overcome them
  • Get recommendations for further reading based on their knowledge level

Teachers will:

  • Get detailed instructions on how to prepare samples and conduct experiments
  • Learn tips and tricks for trouble shooting
  • Have access to model solutions with detailed descriptions and reliable, scientific references
  • Get suggestions for experiment modifications and alternative sample sets

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Raman Spectroscopy Teaching Package

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