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Temperature control for MCR:
Liquid temperature devices (LTD)

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  • For measurements at constant temperatures from -30 °C to +180 °C
  • For parallel-plate, cone-plate, concentric cylinder, and double-gap measuring geometries

Accurate temperature control is crucial for rheological testing, as all materials show temperature-dependent rheological behavior. Fluid circulator temperature control is an established method for a broad range of applications, including coatings and paints, food, emulsions, suspensions and dispersions.

Key features

Simple to use and budget-friendly

Simple to use and budget-friendly

Temperature control with a fluid circulator is a cost-effective temperature system to carry out measurements at constant temperatures and if no quick temperature changes are required. Active cooling and heating provide reduced cool-down time and increased measurement throughput. The system is easy to install and to use and budget-friendly, especially if an already existing suitable fluid circulator is used. Various fluid circulators can be controlled directly via the rheometer software and can also be used for other tasks in the lab besides rheological testing. The accessible temperature ranges from -30 °C to +180 °C, depending on the fluid circulator and cooling media in use. On request, this system can also reach lower temperatures.

Easy mounting and cleaning

Easy mounting and cleaning

Liquid temperature control systems can be used in combination with parallel-plate, cone-plate, concentric cylinder, and double-gap measuring geometries. For measurements of samples containing large particles, we also offer stirrers and vanes. Both the temperature system as well as the measuring geometry are quickly and easily mounted via quick connectors. To avoid measurement errors, the ToolmasterTM functionality ensures that the MCR rheometer automatically recognizes and configures the connected measuring geometries. We also offer plates and cups which are made of stainless steel, are highly resistant to chemicals and are easy to clean. Furthermore, Anton Paar provides XL-versions with increased sensitivity for the measurement of liquids with very low viscosities (e.g. water or solvents).

Additional accessories for advanced investigations

Additional accessories for advanced investigations

High-throughput sample preparation is possible with our disposable cups that are also very useful to avoid cleaning of sticky samples. All measurement systems can be adapted surface-wise to meet even sophisticated measuring demands (e.g. to prevent wall slip or to characterize curing reactions). Moreover, the liquid temperature device can be combined with solvent traps to avoid evaporation and drying of the sample (for coatings, paints, and food rheology), a system to perform Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV), and even pressure cells. All MCR accessories from Anton Paar are pieces of solid workmanship guaranteeing high durability and reliability to minimize downtime and service costs.

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