Moisture Analyzers

Moisture Analyzers

Brabender Moisture Analyzers: The Reference for Precision

The Brabender Moisture Analyzer portfolio consists of two instruments that determine residual moisture content in a wide spectrum of materials (e.g., polymers, food, and building material). Both the Aquatrac-V and the MT-CA can serve as a reference method. These state-of-the-art, precise instruments deliver great performance with just minimal training. Furthermore, our comprehensive software support lets you conduct measurements from any device and facilitates seamless data sharing with options to LIMS, ERP, and more. This integrated software ecosystem enhances your operational efficiency and data management capabilities, providing a holistic solution for your moisture analysis needs.

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Compliance with international standards

You can use these instruments for a range of applications, and some of them comply with international standards (e.g., grain, flour, tobacco, polymers). The Aquatrac-V and MTC-CA have proven methods for testing different materials, even outside standards. The devices ensure proper execution through a software-controlled test sequence implementation.

Monitoring moisture ensures suitable processing conditions

For a whole host of reasons, it’s essential to monitor the residual moisture content of moisture in granulate before and during processing. The devices complement each other in terms of the measurable moisture ranges and the physical form of the tested materials. Powders and fibers that cannot be analyzed in the Aquatrac-V due to the evacuation of the test chamber can be tested in the MT-CA to determine the residual moisture content.

High precision, no calibration, 100 % reliable

Both test methods are absolute measurements and don’t require calibration before starting the measurement. The Aquatrac-V has the advantage that the moisture determination is water-selective due to the calcium hydride, which means that outgassing additives aren’t t included in the measurement result as is the case with gravimetric determination of the moisture content.

An easy to use, automated procedure

Untrained staff can use the instrument. With a guided experimental produced, the device supports the user. In the case of the MT-CA, statistical validation of the measurement result by up to 10 parallel measurements can be carried out within one test run. Compared to individual measurements carried out one after another, this is much quicker.

Measurements can be accessed from any device and location

The MT-CA and Aquatrac-V have a space-saving design (integrated PC and touchscreen). You can even take the Aquatrac-V from one location to another and use it in direct production environments due to the process-specific insensitivity to vibrations.



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