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Modular Circular Saccharimeter:
MCP Sucromat

  • media
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  • +7
  • Accuracy of 0.01 °Z over the entire measuring range
  • LED light source with 100,000 h life time
  • Maintenance-free optical setup with robust construction
  • Multi-wavelength option for near infrared wavelength available
  • Fully compliant to ICUMSA

The MCP Sucromat series precisely determines the sugar content (Pol, °Z) with a high accuracy of up to 0.006 °Z across the entire measuring range from -259 °Z to +259 °Z. The modular design of these saccharimeters allows individual configurations and future upgrades, including an automatic Peltier temperature control unit or a built-in camera for checking and recording the filling process. Over 30 years of experience and the highest quality in development, production, and customer support have made Anton Paar sugar polarimeters the standard for sugar analysis around the world.

Key features

Full compliance with national and international standards

Full compliance with national and international standards

All Anton Paar digital saccharimeters comply with the official ICUMSA methods as well as further national and international standards (e.g. OIML and Australian standard K157). Other scales such as °Z International Sugar Scale (with and without temperature compensation, depending on application), %Sucrose, %Glucose, %Purity, and °Optical Rotation are integrated as standard. Whether for use in the reception lab or in the quality control lab, for cane sugar or beet sugar applications – all your requirements are covered.

Future-proof setup for accurate results and minimum filling errors

Future-proof setup for accurate results and minimum filling errors

Your investment in a MCP sugar polarimeter is secure and sustainable, no matter which kind of sample clarification you are using today or in the future. MCP Sucromat models can be purchased as dual-wavelength instruments or upgraded with the second official ICUMSA wavelength of 880 nm on-site to measure sugar samples that were clarified lead-free. According to ICUMSA regulations, a precise and stable temperature measurement is the basis for accurate results, especially in quality control laboratories. Therefore, Anton Paar offers Peltier temperature control to provide homogeneous and fast temperature distribution inside the measuring cell. To strengthen the confidence in the sample filling by visualizing the filling process inside the cell, MCP Sucromat instruments can optionally be equipped with a built-in camera, enabling the FillingCheck™ feature. This option reduces filling errors tremendously.

Operation requires minimum human input

Operation requires minimum human input

MCP sugar polarimeters are user-friendly and safe: The Toolmaster technology, an automatic and wireless identification of accessories, saves time and avoids human errors when exchanging sample cells and quartz plates. Thus, there is no need for manual entries when performing sugar content measurements or adjustments, which prevents input errors and manipulation.

Solid, stable, and strong setup

Solid, stable, and strong setup

MCP Sucromat’s optical bench is the base on which all optical components are mounted. It is manufactured from one solid block of aluminum and fixed on flexible mounts. This is the reason why it never bends, twists, or deforms. Sensitive optical and electronic components, such as the interference filters, analyzer, hollow-shaft encoder, and photodiode, are located in a sealed housing which is resistant to dust and spillage. The saccharimeter’s long-life LED light source, which is maintenance-free for 100,000 hours, reduces the instrument’s downtime to the absolute minimum.

Modulyzer Sugar: efficient purity analysis of sugar samples

Modulyzer Sugar: efficient purity analysis of sugar samples

Combining an MCP Sucromat for the determination of the sugar content (Pol, °Z) with Anton Paar‘s Abbemat refractometer for measuring dry substances (°Brix) results in a sugar analysis system which significantly enhances your sugar factory’s performance. You can analyze the sugar content (Pol, °Z), dry substance (°Brix), and apparent purity of raw, intermediate, and final products in sugar manufacturing in one measuring cycle. Lead-clarified, lead-free-clarified, or non-clarified samples can be measured – depending on your needs.

Technical specifications

Measuring scales: °Z at 589 nm
  MCP 5300 Sucromat MCP 5500 Sucromat
Measuring range ± 259 °Z (± 89.9 °OR) ± 259 °Z (± 89.9 °OR)
Resolution 0.001 °OR 0.001 °OR
Accuracy* ± 0.003 °OR
± 0.01 °Z
< 0.002 °OR
< 0.006 °Z
Repeatability ± 0.003 °OR
± 0.01 °Z"
< 0.001 °OR
< 0.003 °Z"
Response time 12 seconds 15 seconds
Wavelength 589 nm and optionally 880 nm
Light source LED light source with 100 000 hours lifetime
Sensitivity Optical Density (OD) of 4.0, equivalent to OD 7.0 at 880 nm
Temperature control and measurement
Sensor PT100 sensor for sample temperature measurement inside the cell or quartz control plate; wireless transfer to the instrument
Resolution 0.1 °C 0.1 °C
Accuracy** ±0.1 °C ±0.1 °C
Temperature control range (Optional Peltier temperature control) 20 °C + 25 °C
Dimensions, power requirements, interfaces
Dimensions (L x W x H) 797 mm x 437 mm x 231 mm
Weight 33.5kg
Power management Power-supply self-adapting to any mains voltage, 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 185 VA
Interfaces 4 USB, RS232, Ethernet, VGA, CAN bus. Easy connection of keyboard, mouse, printer, bar code reader and networks.
Sample cells ToolMaster™: Wireless automatic identification of sample cells via RFID, sample cell path length from 2.5 mm to 200 mm
Quartz control plates Automatic identification of the quartz control plate and automated wireless transfer or reference parameters into the instrument

* under physical standard conditions
** with Peltier module and Toolmaster™ sample cell (50/100/200 mm)


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  • Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle
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MCP Sucromat 5300 | 5500
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Quartz Control Plates with Automatic Detection

Compatible with:
MCP Sucromat 5300 | 5500
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Sample Cells for MCP

Compatible with:
MCP Sucromat 5300 | 5500
Delivery time: %1$s – %2$s working days %1$s – %2$s weeks %1$s – %2$s months
Product details
  • Path length from 2.5 to 200 mm
  • Different stainless steel classes and filling options
  • Wireless data transfer between cell and instrument with Toolmaster technology

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