Successful Publication about Rheo Impedance Measurement

2023-09-11 | Corporate

For the improvement of fuel cells and batteries, a continual development of increasingly efficient and effective electrode slurries is essential. So far, there were no adequate methods to evaluate the distribution of particles in the slurry during the coating process – now, this has changed.

New measurement method
A team led by Prof. Dr. Isao Shitanda from the Tokyo University of Science, with researchers from the Japanese chemical company Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd. and Anton Paar Japan, developed a new measurement method, which enables simultaneous rheological and electrochemical impedance measurement of carbon slurries. With the impedance measurement, the charging/discharging behavior of electrodes can be evaluated. With the rheological measurement of the carbon slurry, it is possible to examine the dispersion state of particles in the slurry.
The new measuring combination will help to better evaluate the slurries and enable improvements for batteries and fuel cells, in the future. The method can not only be used for carbon slurries, but also a variety of other slurries, which can be useful for the development of new functional materials.

Publication in journal
The description of the measurement method and the results have been published in the journal “ACS Applied Electronic Materials” – a renowned journal which is often quoted in other scientific publications. The topic has also been selected as a supplementary cover of the journal. The current publication will for sure attract the attention of many researchers worldwide.

The full paper can be found under this link.
The full press release of the Tokyo University of Science can be found under this link.