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Rheometer Measuring Head

Customized rheometry with the performance of a MCR rheometer - the rheometer measuring head can be used for automation or for special measuring purposes that exceed the limits of a laboratory rheometer. It is the perfect solution for process integration or building a customized rheometer system. The modular device consists of a measuring head, which is equipped with the well-known motor and air bearing technology of the MCR series, and a separate control unit.

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Key Features

Technical highlights

  • Powerful, synchronous EC motor drive
  • High-precision air bearing
  • Toolmaster™: Patented system for automatic recognition of measuring system and accessories
  • QuickConnect coupling: Easy, one-hand measuring system connection
  • Ethernet connection for remote control of the instrument through the company network
  • Rheometer software: User-friendly application software
  • Temperature stabilization of the air bearing
  • Maximum Torque 230 mNm


  • Free placement of the measuring head and control unit
  • Suitable for automation purposes
  • No limitation in measuring system length and sample space
  • Automated measurement, analysis and data export with the rheometer software

Technical Specifications

Technical Data


Unit Rheometer Head (DSR)
Bearing Air
EC motor Yes
Maximum Torque mNm230
Min. torque rotationnNm10
Min. Torque oscillationnNm2
Torque resolution nNm0.1
Angular deflection
(set value)
µrad0.1 to ∞
Angular resolution nrad10
Min. angular velocityrad/s10-9
Max. angular velocityrad/s314
Max. speed 1/min3000
Min. angular frequency rad/s10-7
Max. angular frequency rad/s628
QuickConnect Yes
Direct strain controller-Yes
Direct stress controller Yes