• Automatisches Verdünnungs- und Dosiersystem DDS
  • Automatisches Verdünnungs- und Dosiersystem DDS

Automatic Dilution and Dosage System: DDS

The automatic dilution and dosage system automates the routine preparation of sample dilution at accurate weight/weight or weight/volume ratios. Manual sample dilution and dosage methods are time-consuming and error-prone. DDS performs gravimetric dilutions and dosages under continuous weight control by a digital laboratory balance. All calculations for determining the required weight of solvent for a given weight of sample (solid or liquid) are automatically performed by DDS.

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Key features

Easy and precise dilutions and dosages

  • Precise automatic dilutions and dosages in a fraction of the usual time
  • Reduced consumption of chemicals and materials, volumetric flasks, dispensers and syringes
  • No more wrongly prepared solutions

    Gravimetric dosage

    • Exactly defined weight ratios
    • Independent of the density of the dosed components
    • Ambient temperatures from 10 to 40 °C do not influence the dosing accuracy
    • Free of temperature errors

      Prescriptions and methods

      • Easily opened from the database

          Technical specifications

          Depending on the chosen combination of system components, dilutions and dosages are performed at ± 0.1 g or ±0.01 g precision and flow rates up to 6 ml/s.
          Standard Components
          • Standbase with base plate for set-up of the balance, and height-adjustable dosing unit
          • DDS operation software for definition, storage, and performance of sample-related dilutions and dosages
          • Power supply for the dosing unit
          • Set of connecting cables, hoses, Y-connectors and tools
          Application-Related Components
          • 1 to 8 solenoid valves for coarse or fine dosage of liquids
          • Digital laboratory balance, precision 0.1 g or 0.01 g, range 2100 g, 3100 g or 4100 g
          • Polypropylene containers for liquids providing a volume of 5.5 or 22 litres, with shut-off valve and hose fitting
          • Acryl glass support bridge for bench top set-up of containers and air draft protection of the balance unit
          • Funnel of stainless steel for convenient feeding of powder samples



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