Backstage: Procurement & Purchasing

"Nothing asked, nothing gained – negotiating is what we do best."

Stefanie, Purchaser | Anton Paar GmbH

Day by day I’m on a quest to find top-quality products at attractive prices. I keep an eye on demand planning, negotiate with suppliers every day, and identify new players on the market. To provide perfect support to all branches of production we are divided into three purchasing areas: general, electronic, and mechanical. A strategic approach to purchasing is gaining more and more importance in our company but purchasers also have many day-to-day tasks to complete.

Whenever the company needs something or develops something new, Purchasing is the first point of contact for employees. Our colleagues that manage the production are typically in contact with us on a daily basis, or they enter articles they need into the ERP system to receive suitable materials and proper tools for their commissions.

Because Anton Paar produces highly precise and complex measuring instruments we need a supplier base that covers a very broad technological spectrum. Each new instrument provides technological innovations and challenges purchasers to qualify suitable suppliers in order to realize those new technologies.

I had no idea how diverse and wide-ranging my profession would actually be when I joined Anton Paar’s general purchasing team in 2017. I have a sales degree and previously worked in the distribution sector. Each day is different here. It’s my responsibility to procure new hardware and software, marketing materials, machinery for production, buildings, and other services. It’s my particular interest to maintain direct, personal contact with suppliers because solving issues is easier on the phone as soon as a problem arises. This personal touch makes work exciting – there is never a dull moment. My daily objective is to reduce costs without losing quality. I face new and exciting challenges each day.

Working diligently and being communicative both within the company and with external partners are essential in my job. I approach the negotiating part with sportsmanlike ambition.

Since September 2018 there has been an apprenticeship for industrial management assistants. This apprenticeship enables us to give young people an understanding of the world of procurement and logistics. Education of young people is an integral part of our company philosophy – youngsters can only achieve great things if they build on a good foundation from the start.

We are a great team in Purchasing and can rely on each other. This good cooperation makes it easier to cover “peak” periods. For me it’s important to be challenged as well as being encouraged by the company itself. I appreciate the trust the company places in its employees. And, of course, work should also be enjoyable. As a purchaser at Anton Paar I can fit all of these important aspects into one job.