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Dosing System

  • Accessory for Litesizer 500
  • Automatically modifies the pH or adds solvents – saving time, and eliminating human error
  • Use pH ramp templates in the software to set up your experiments
  • Self-cleaning, no risk of sample carryover

The Dosing System is an optional accessory for the Litesizer 500 that automates the adjustment of the sample’s pH directly in the measurement cuvette. Fast and accurate characterization of zeta potential and particle size changes in response to pH are now possible. The Dosing System is used together with the flow module.

Automating the pH adjustment process not only saves time and effort but also considerably reduces the possibility of human error.

Key features

High accuracy and reproducibility

The pH is modified automatically, reducing human error.

Fully programmable

The Dosing System is steered by the dedicated software Kalliope™. The integrated templates for pH ramps help you set up your experiment quickly and precisely.


Reports and graphs are automatically generated.

Easy maintenance

The self-cleaning function ensures that no carryover of sample from the previous measurement can occur.

Technical specifications

Environmental conditions
Sample temperature range 10 °C to 50 °C
Ambient temperature range 10 °C to 35 °C
Relative humidity 35 % to 80˙% non-condensing
Sample compatibility Aqueous
pH conditions
Standard pH electrode type Flat membrane
pH range 1 to 13 (sample-dependent)
Dosing specifications
Number of supported additives 2
Standard sample beaker volume Max. 150 mL
Standard additive bottle volume Max. 1000 mL
Minimum sample volume 5 mL
Syringe volume 5 mL
Minimum additive volume 2.5 µL
Dosing drive resolution 10,000 steps per syringe volume
Maximum dosing rate 16.6 mL/min
Software control Kalliope™ software version 1.8 or higher

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