XRD Instrumentation

XRD Instrumentation

Versatile X-ray diffraction solutions

Anton Paar’s precise and flexible XRD solutions combine the best possible data quality with unrivalled measurement efficiency. Our reliable systems are designed for intuitive use and offer a high degree of automation so every user can benefit from increased sample throughput and maximum instrument uptime. The XRDynamic 500 powder diffractometer features advanced optics, a next-generation goniometer, and state-of-the art detectors with a wide range of applications covered by the extensive ambient and non-ambient sample stage portfolio so you can always find the optimal XRD system for your needs. 

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Anton Paar Products

Excellent data quality as standard

The high-precision XRD instruments from Anton Paar allow you to always benefit from best-in-class data quality, ensured by measurement configurations optimized for your application. The implementation of high-quality X-ray sources and advanced X-ray optics, in combination with the latest detector technology and a variety of sample stages, guarantees that there is never a need to compromise between measurement speed and resolution.

Flexibility and efficiency help you master any challenge

Anton Paar’s comprehensive XRD solutions provide versatile instrument setups for any application. The novel TruBeam™ concept of XRDynamic 500 features full automation of all optical components and alignment routines, which means you can completely change the instrument configuration at the click of a button – and your X-ray diffraction platform does the rest of the work for you. The high degree of automation combined with intuitive workflows allows even new XRD users to collect high-quality data with unparalleled efficiency.

High-quality non-ambient XRD solutions from the market leader

The powerful non-ambient attachments from Anton Paar for in-situ XRD combine longstanding experience with state-of-the-art technology. Whether for in-situ investigations of phase transitions, solid state/gas reactions, or structure determination, our non-ambient XRD attachments provide the highest levels of performance and flexibility in virtually all fields of materials research. With the broadest non-ambient XRD portfolio on the market, Anton Paar offers a solution for every researcher who requires non-ambient conditions in their analytical work.

Reliable solutions for stress-free operation

With Anton Paar’s XRD solutions, you benefit from high instrument uptime, low maintenance costs, and reliable operation. The robust design of all of our XRD instrumentation ensures that you can maintain high measurement throughput for a steady stream of high-quality data in pursuit of your goals. Smooth and straightforward operation allows you to focus on the sample at hand while the instrument takes care of the rest. 

Local support by experts whenever needed

As your trusted partner with more than 50 years of experience in the field of XRD, our commitment to help you get the most out of your diffraction platform doesn’t end with your system’s installation. Our dedicated global team of specialists in the areas of customer support, service, and applications is with you every step of the way to quickly get you the support you need, no matter what your location.



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