Torque Rheometers

Torque Rheometers

Brabender Torque Rheometers: A Century of Precise Analysis

With a century of expertise under its belt, Brabender – now a brand of Anton Paar – offers a premier collection of torque rheometers designed to gauge material resistance across diverse applications. Whether you need to assess the rheological characteristics of dough, evaluate carbon black and silica, or integrate a torque rheometer with mixing and extrusion accessories, our solutions cater to every need. Your pursuit to optimize product formulations and ensure seamless, error-free manufacturing finds comprehensive support in our offerings.

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Our torque rheometers meet international standards

Our torque rheometers adhere rigorously to both national and international standards relevant to their specific areas of application. Whether you need to comply with ICC, ACCI, and ISO standards for precise flour and dough analysis or you need to adhere to ASTM norms for comprehensive testing of materials like carbon black, silica, plastics, and rubber, our instruments ensure you meet the highest industry benchmarks for quality and precision.

Modularity for versatile analysis

With their modular design, our torque rheometers let you tailor the instrument to your specific needs with various blade geometries, mixer sizes, and temperature control solutions. You can measure different flour sample sizes with the FarinoGraph, analyze substances like black carbon and silica with the AbsorptoMeter, and test materials such as PVC, rubber, and thermosets with the MetaStation using its different attachments. Switching between modules is quick, taking less than 15 minutes, and facilitates a wide range of applications. Additionally, our torque rheometers support continuous processes using extrusion attachments of various scales, driven by the MetaStation.

Advanced software features for better batch control

Both the MetaBridge for FarinoGraph and MetaStation as well as the AbsorptoMeter software are equipped with a reference curve function that enables real-time comparisons between various samples and measurements, ensuring a consistent level of batch quality. With the correlations feature, you can conduct in-depth analyses of multiple measurements to gain a comprehensive understanding of your materials. The software also facilitates seamless data sharing by enabling you to export and share data with colleagues or integrate it with third-party systems like LIMS or ERP. Furthermore, it offers the convenience of pre-scheduling measurements, streamlining your daily laboratory operations for improved efficiency.

Your partner for comprehensive material characterization

Unlock versatile solutions for food, chemical, and polymer characterization with our range of torque rheometers. Experience the convenience of our top-tier portfolio for physical material characterization, catering to your present and future requirements. With our torque rheometers as your foundation, streamline your sourcing process and prepare to expand your material characterization capabilities in particle size, surface area, X-ray diffraction, and beyond – all under one supplier, eliminating the hassle of switching providers in the future.

High-quality support and service

Our expansive global service network encompasses over 30 subsidiaries and numerous reliable partners, ensuring that an expert is always within reach to assist you with your system. With countless instruments installed worldwide, an extensive application database, and a wealth of published works, we’re your choice for addressing any of your inquiries on Brabender products. Feel free to reach out for guidance on test definitions or to explore alternative approaches for resolving measurement challenges. Our dedicated experts are just a phone call away, and, best of all, our support is provided at no additional cost. 



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