Anton Paar Launches Coriolis Flowmeter

2024-01-10 | Corporate

Starting January 2024, Anton Paar offers a series of Coriolis flowmeters – they provide information on mass flow, density and temperature, among other things, and cover the requirements of a wide range of industries thanks to the broad portfolio of solutions.

Coriolis measuring method in various versions
The Coriolis flowmeters are equipped with one or two measuring tubes. These are set into oscillation with an excitation coil. This oscillation is constant as long as the tubes remain empty. However, as soon as the medium – whether liquid or gas – begins to flow through the measuring tubes, an additional ‘swinging motion’ is imposed on this oscillation due to the inertia of the flowing medium. “A phase shift is measured here between the inlet and outlet points. For two pipes, the distance to each other is measured, for one pipe the distance to the envelope. The values are then derived from this,” explains Product Manager Simon Lobnig.

The new series offers three different models – L-Cor 8000, L-Cor 6000 and L-Cor 4000 – which all provide data on mass flow rate and density, from which volume flow rate and concentration are also calculated. “The areas of application and the required flow rate can vary greatly – from single drops per minute, such as for dosing fragrances in the cosmetics industry, to several hundred tons per hour, such as in the oil industry. We can cover a wide range with the three models,” says Simon Lobnig.

The models in detail
L-Cor 8000 is a so-called U-type, it has two stainless steel tubes and delivers the most precise results of the three models – flow accuracy of ±0.1 % and density accuracy of up to ±0.5 kg/m³. In addition, several variants of the model are possible – for example, particularly heat-resistant up to 350 °C, cold-resistant for applications down to -200 °C or for high pressures up to 430 bar. In addition to the oil industry, L-Cor 8000 is also intended for use in the chemical and beverage industries.

L-Cor 6000 is an S-type, a titanium tube is used here. This model is particularly suitable for highly viscous liquids and liquids containing solids; it also meets high hygiene standards. Areas of application include the pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as the food and beverage industry.

L-Cor 4000 is the lowest priced model – a so-called B-type, which is similar to L-Cor 8000. It is suitable for all industries.

Up to 30 million combinations
The new series of flowmeters is particularly impressive due to its diversity – the three models can be individually configured for customers. “In addition to the required process connection, we can also offer different pipe diameters of up to six inches (note: 152.4 mm), and we can also customize the wetted parts, i.e. parts that come into contact with the measured material,” explains Simon Lobnig. “If you take all the different constellations together, we're talking about around 30 million possible combinations.”