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Microindentation Tester:

  • Measurement of hardness, elastic modulus, and other surface mechanical properties from nanometer to micrometer scale
  • Characterization of bulk samples and thin films
  • Immediate start of measurement after sample installation
  • Force measurement up to 30 N
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The Microindentation Tester is ideally suited to the measurement of mechanical properties such as hardness and elastic modulus based on instrumented indentation testing (IIT). It is applicable to bulk samples and thin films, from soft to hard materials (metals, ceramics, polymers) with a high depth of measurements (up to 1 mm). A scratch testing module can be added optionally.

Key features

Instrumented indentation testing (IIT) for hardness and elastic modulus

  • Depth-instrumented indentation: the penetration depth is continuously monitored as a function of the force applied in order to measure not only the hardness of materials but also the elastic modulus

From nano- to macro indentation in one single instrument

  • Microindents from low depths (a few nm for surface detection) to high depths (maximum 1 mm)
  • Large range of force applied (from 10 mN to 30 N) in order to match the sample characteristics
  • High force range specifically useful for rough surfaces

High precision on depth and force for accurate microindentation measurements

  • Two independent sensors: one for force and one for depth for accurate metrological measurements
  • High frame stiffness: 2 x 108 N/m for increased depth accuracy

Depth-profiling of material properties

  • Depth profiling with Continuous Multi Cycles (CMC): hardness and elastic modulus as a function of penetration depth
  • Force- and depth-controlled modes
  • Visual matrix with multi-selection of indent positions on a specific surface area
  • Multiple modes of testing: user-defined sequences to be able to set the parameters for testing conditions as desired

Typical applications

  • Metallurgy: bulk metals, alloys (rough surfaces) for high loads, and/or microhardness
  • Characterization of polymers (bulk materials and rough surfaces)
  • Characterization of thermal spray coatings by instrumented indentation
  • Physical characterization of coated surfaces
  • Mechanical properties of cementitious materials

Technical specifications

Max. force 30 N
Resolution 6 μN
Noise floor <100 [rms] [μN]*
Max. depth 1000 μm
Resolution 0.03 nm
Noise floor <1.5 [rms] [nm]*
Load frame stiffness > 107 N/m
International standards ISO 14577, ASTM E2546, ISO 6507,

*Noise floor value specified under ideal laboratory conditions and using an anti-vibration table.


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