Instrumented Indentation Testers

Instrumented Indentation Testers

The widest range of high-precision indentation testing

With Anton Paar’s versatile indentation testers you can precisely determine the mechanical properties –e.g. hardness and elastic modulus – of thin films, coatings and bulk materials. The instruments can handle almost any type of material, whether soft, hard, brittle, or ductile. You can also conduct creep, fatigue, and stress-strain studies on surfaces in the nanometer range.

The basis of each Instrumented Indentation Tester is Step, a versatile surface testing platform providing housing for different types of indentation and scratch testing heads, thus covering up to four types of testing possibilities: instrumented indentation testing, scratch testing, Vickers hardness, and basic tribology. 

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Large range of forces and testing methods

Anton Paar's portfolio of instrumented indentation testers employ a wide range of forces and thus represent the most versatile and applicable solutions on the market. Covering nano-, micro- and macro-indentation, the testers allow for studies on countless materials, including metals, ceramics, semiconductors, and polymers. If you want to go one Step further, you can combine your instrumented indentation tester with a scratch testing head which enables you to implement up to four testing methods with only one instrument.

Instrumented indentation measurement

An instrumented indentation measurement enables you to determine a material's mechanical properties, like its hardness, elastic modulus or creep. During an indentation test, the force and depth are continuously monitored and you are provided with a curve of force vs. depth on the instruments' display.

Unique top-surface referencing technique

The design feature that truly sets Anton Paar’s indentation testers apart from other comparable instruments is the unique surface referencing system. The design of our instruments incorporates a top surface reference that encompasses the indenter and provides a constant reference for the depth of penetration.

High frame stiffness

Thanks to Anton Paar's unique surface referencing system, the frame distance of the instrumented indentation testers is reduced to a minimal value, subsequently providing the highest frame stiffness on the market that instantly leads to highly accurate measurement results.

Save time with easy sample navigation

The indentation testers feature a unique dual-view microscope comprising a high-magnification objective coupled with a side-view camera. This combination enables a seamless transition from a broad view of the sample surface to the highest magnification (10000x) via simple mouse scrolling. 



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