Solid Density of Building Materials - Assessing Purity of Powders and Open Porosity of Concrete Components

The density of building materials such as cement and bitumen plays a significant role in production and performance. Purity of powders and the open porosity of cured pieces are important material characteristics that can be assessed from solid density measurements.

Solid density is an important property of building materials that is used to control material quality from the raw powders to the formed final product. Geometric and skeletal densities enable researchers and producers to calculate the open porosity of a solid, cured sample, which leads to understanding critical properties such as strength, temperature tolerance, and “processability,” as, for example, some porosity is necessary to prevent fracturing during compression. Measuring skeletal density using the Ultrapyc series and bulk density using the Autotap provides information about important building material properties such as powder purity, density, and slab porosity.

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