Pharma | Rotational Viscosity Testing of Cough Syrup with ViscoQC Series

How can viscosity testing help in quality control of pharmaceutical liquids? This application report shows how simple viscosity measurements of pharmaceutical liquids with ViscoQC 100/300 support producers in obtaining steady, perfect consistency of the medicine.


The “thickness” of pharmaceutical liquids, like cough syrup, plays a major role in quality control. Liquids with a high viscosity flow more slowly than low-viscosity liquids. Cough syrup needs a high viscosity for several reasons. One reason is that it has to stay on the spoon for medication. Furthermore, cough syrup should flow slowly through the digestive tract to coat the surface of the throat and not flow off. Only cough syrup, which stays long on the affected area in the throat, has a soothing effect by increasing the moisture.

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