Multiwave 7101/7301/7501 Series Vials - Trace Element Blank Values Measured by ICP-OES and ICP-MS

In trace elemental analysis it is necessary to keep blank values as low as possible considering that all sources of systematic errors in sample decomposition should be minimized. The aim of this report is to give an overview of the potential amount of trace element values coming from quartz, PTFE-TFM and disposable borosilicate glass vials.

The success of a trace elemental analysis substantially depends on the appropriate selection of the reaction vial used in the sample preparation step. It is the heart of each digestion system and for microwave reaction systems typically has to fulfill the following properties:

  • High purity
  • Resistance against pressure, temperature and corrosive reagents

Different sources of systematic errors in sample decomposition have to be taken into account by every lab offering trace or ultra-trace element analysis. Beside incomplete decomposition and losses of elements, the contamination by the vial materials themselves shall be taken into consideration.

The knowledge of the particular vial-specific trace element values can be obtained by doing blank digestions. In this report the trace values of 29 elements in digested blank samples were measured with ICP-MS or ICP-OES.

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