Food | Rotational Viscosity Testing of Chocolate with ViscoQC

Knowing the viscosity of chocolate is essential for a perfect performance of the final product and guarantees the perfect mouth feel. No matter if you are interested in quick single-point measurements or multiple-point rotational tests, the ViscoQC 100/300 is your perfect choice!


Viscosity control of chocolate is essential for high quality end products and ensures optimized processing of the liquid chocolate in covering processes. Low-viscosity chocolates can be used for dipping processes or chocolate fountains. High-viscosity chocolates are ideal for creating thick chocolate layers or production of chocolate bars. An international test method to investigate the flow behavior of chocolate products is the IOCCC (International Organization of Chocolate, Cocoa and Confectionery) method, where the chocolate’s flow behavior is analysed at different shear rates followed by mathematical analysis such as the chocolate’s yield point.

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