Digestion of Demanding Samples for Element Analysis with ICP

Rotor 20SVT50 in Multiwave 5000 allows the digestion of demanding samples requiring higher temperatures such as polymers and petroleum products with the convenience and safety of the SmartVent technology.

In many industries there is a need to handle higher amounts of difficult to digest and even reactive materials with high throughput. In traditional closed vessel acid digestion the reaction pressure generated by the amount of sample limits the achievable temperature. Venting of excess reaction gases is a safe and convenient way to improve this situation.

Rotor 20SVT50 in Multiwave 5000 provides the already well-established SmartVent technology at an advanced pressure level and thus allows the controlled release of reaction gases. This ensures that higher digestion temperatures can be reached and excellent quality of digestion even for hard to digest samples is achieved.

The SmartTemp sensor for internal temperature measurement of Multiwave 5000 enables quick and accurate temperature measurement which is especially important to reliably control reactive samples.

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