Chemistry | Salinity Compensation for Accurate and Reliable Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring in Saltwater

When it comes to dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement in saltwater, the salt concentration or salinity of the sample must be compensated correctly. Anton Paar’s inline oxygen sensors, Oxy 4100 Transmitter and Oxy 5100, readily compensates the salinity. This enables accurate and reliable DO concentration monitoring for all kind of relevant saltwater applications. A prominent example includes inline monitoring of DO levels in seawater concentrate coming from desalination plants. Furthermore, precise DO monitoring in saltwater samples also enables effective corrosion control.

The solubility of gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide and others) in water typically decreases with the addition of other solutes such as salts (e.g. common salt or sodium chloride). For applications where salt is the solute it is crucial to compensate the salinity in order to enable accurate and reliable DO concentration measurements. This application report gives the reader an insight into one key feature of the inline oxygen sensor Oxy 5100: automated salinity compensation.

Depending on the application, DO in saltwater can be a wanted or unwanted parameter. For aquatic organisms the absence of DO can be fatal. In contrast, even the lowest DO concentrations might significantly increase corrosion rates. In this report the most common applications, where salinity compensation is necessary, are presented.

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