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Beverages | ViscoQC Quality Control of Fruit Juice

How can viscosity testing help in the production and quality control of fruit juices? This application report shows some typical measurements that are very useful during and even after production of fruit juices with the ViscoQC™ 100.


Many important parameters for the production control of fruit juices are directly related to the product‘s viscosity. In nearly all production stages the viscosity of food and beverage samples has a great impact e.g. in the mixing process and while pumping the liquid through pipes. Also incoming liquid raw materials have to be controlled by checking their viscosity. The customers’ “mouth feeling” of a fruit juice depends on the thickness of the product and influences the taste. Perfect consistency is guaranteed through quality control checks by ViscoQC 100!


  • Instrument: ViscoQC 100 - L
  • Spindle: DG26
  • Speeds: 60 rpm, 80 rpm, 100 rpm
  • Temperature: 25 °C
  • Sample: Apple Juice

All measurements were performed with ViscoQC 100 - L viscometer from Anton Paar. ViscoQC 100 - L is suited for a viscosity range of 1 to 6 000 000 mPa·s. For low-viscosity samples such as apple juice (~1.5 mPa·s), the optional double-gap system DG26 is perfectly suited for measurement.

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