Beverage | Soft Drinks | The Impact of Sugar Inversion on Soft Drinks with Sugar

Many soft drinks contain sugar (saccharose, sucrose) as a sweetener. Saccharose is subject to "sugar inversion" which changes the beverage composition.

1 What is it all About?

In many countries, soft drinks are produced using beet or cane sugar (also referred to as saccharose or sucrose) as a sweetener. Saccharose is subject to "sugar inversion", a chemical reaction that has to be closely monitored as the beverage composition gradually changes with progressing sugar inversion.

Measuring the degree of sugar inversion plays a very important role for the production and quality control of sugar-sweetened beverages.

The traditional method for determining the fresh Brix of a partially inverted sugar-sweetened beverage is outlined and compared to Anton Paar’s fast and accurate instrumental method for the determination of the degree of inversion, fully inverted and fresh Brix.

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