Beverage | Soft Drinks | Sugar Inversion and °Brix in Soft Drinks: Cobrix 5500/5600 Multibev measures both

Many soft drinks contain sugar (saccharose, sucrose) as a sweetener. Saccharose is subject to "sugar inversion" which changes the beverage composition. Cobrix 5500/5600 is the perfect solution for online quality control of inverted soft drinks. °Brix, °Brix-fresh, °Brix-inverted, °Brix-actual, CO2 and temperature are continuously monitored to assure constant product quality

Soft drinks are produced from syrup (concentrate), water and carbon dioxide. Density is an important quality control parameter during production of the finished product, and mainly reflects the concentration of sweetener.

Sugar (saccharose or sucrose) is the traditional sweetener used for the production of soft drinks and is derived from cane or beets. Its concentration is given in °Brix (%w/w).

Soft drink producers who use sucrose face the problem of "sugar inversion". During storage, sucrose solutions undergo a slow conversion into a 1:1 mixture of glucose and fructose, also called "invert sugar". Each molecule of sucrose splits into one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose while at the same time consuming one molecule of water. Sugar inversion is enhanced by the presence of acids (contained in most beverages) and elevated temperatures.

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