Beverage | CO2 | Measurement of Dissolved Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Nitrous Oxide with the Carbo Sensors from Anton Paar

The measurement of dissolved carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages can be performed with instruments applying traditional manometric or new optical measuring principles. If additional nitrogen or nitrous oxide is present, a newly developed technology combining both measuring principles is applied.

Dissolved gases in beverages

Carbon dioxide in beverages influences their shelf life, taste and freshness and leads to various positive physiological effects.

For a long time, there have been beers produced that contain dissolved nitrogen in addition to CO2. After pouring into a glass, the nitrogen causes a particularly creamy and stable foam.

Recently, an American beverage manufacturer has started to dissolve nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, in addition to carbon dioxide in energy drinks. The ratio of carbon dioxide to nitrous oxide is controlled by flow measurement. Since nitrous oxide has an analgesic effect, special regulations apply to its use making redundant measurement of nitrous oxide mandatory.

This application report describes how dissolved nitrous oxide and nitrogen measurement with the patented technology from Anton Paar works.

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