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Beverage | Beer | How to ensure color consistency of beer

Anton Paar provides a complete solution to measure the color of beer with both, laboratory and inline instrumentation. Ensure a flawless production and a product with a steady visual appear-ance - color, one step at a time.


Beer holds the pole position among the world’s most consumed alcoholic beverages. To secure a stable consumerism the producers have to guarantee the consistency of a beer brand’s taste and color. Thus, color is an important quantity for beer quality assess-ment. Its accurate determination is most crucial in finished beer and over the entire process.

Origin of beer color

In beer and sweet wort the essential types of light absorbing matter are polyphenols and the products of Maillard reactions (Melanoidins). A prominent exam-ple of Maillard browning reactions is coffee roasting. During the roasting, the green coffee beans convert into brown. In the brewing industry these reactions commonly proceed during malting and boiling. Short boiling times yield lighter beer colors. These are, in a mass market, usually associated with pale lagers and ales.

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