Beverage | Beer | Dissolved Oxygen in the Brewery! Where?

Whether desired or undesired, planned or unplanned, dissolved oxygen in the brewery is a fundamental quality parameter for everyone, from start to finish. With the inline oxygen sensor, Oxy 4100 Transmitter and Oxy 5100, Anton Paar has the solution at hand to monitor the oxygen levels throughout the brewing process to ensure highest beer quality.

Cold Wort Aeration

To ensure proper fermentation and product quality, the cold wort is aerated to provide the yeast with sufficient oxygen so that, once all oxygen is metabolized, there is enough yeast to properly ferment all sugars in the fermenter. Insufficient oxygen can lead to insufficient yeast vitality, slow fermentation and affect product quality.

Compressed Air vs. Pure Oxygen

There are two schools of thought when it comes to wort aeration, compressed air or pure oxygen, both having distinct advantages and disadvantages.

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