Six reasons for Anton Paar

Because there is more than just one reason to work at Anton Paar.

Choose Anton Paar as your employer

Because Anton Paar offers long-term and secure jobs

We view offering our employees an interesting, long-term, and secure job as the clear purpose of our company. For us this means providing people with a meaningful task so they can apply and further develop their skills and therefore help shape the company over the course of many years.

Due to our unique product portfolio which contains high-tech measurement instruments for a large variety of industries, Anton Paar is crisis-proof even when economic conditions are difficult.

Because Anton Paar emphasizes innovative spirit (and not only on paper)

For decades we have been investing approximately 20 percent of our revenue in the research and development of new instruments. This is why we are continuously able to develop new measurement principles, sensor generations, and technological concepts which allow us to strengthen our market leaderships and gain market share in other areas.  

Encouraging an innovative culture is key to our success and ensures our continued existence. At Anton Paar, innovation does not only take place in R&D, organizational processes also need regular innovation. That’s why we need employees who are curious and enjoy discovering and improving. 

Because Anton Paar puts quality before quantity

Anton Paar’s measurement instruments are used worldwide in laboratories and production facilities. They support our customers in product development and quality assurance. 

The high quality of our products is the uncompromising goal of our work. Quality is an absolute term for us and in completely ensuring quality we are laying the groundwork for long-term growth.

The quality of our products is related to the quality of our employees. Excellent quality is also important in other areas, such as the meals on offer in “Sudhaus”, our employee restaurant in Graz. 

Because Anton Paar is independent

In contrast to many other companies in our sector and of our size, Anton Paar is not a publicly listed company. We belong to the charitable Santner Foundation, whose purpose lies in promoting non-profit science and research in the areas of natural science and technology, as well as the prevention of drug addiction and supporting people with a history of addiction.

The biggest part of our profit remains – as defined in the foundation deed – within Anton Paar to guarantee the further development of the company. The proceeds of the company which go into the foundation are only allowed to be used for the above-mentioned charitable purposes. No money flows from the foundation to the founding family. This means that Anton Paar is independent of all shareholder interests, which gives us flexibility and considerable freedom in the development of the company.

It is equally as important to be independent of all political parties and other stakeholders. We want to be able to make our own decisions for our company and our employees at all times. 

Because Anton Paar has strong roots but is active worldwide

Our company history begins in the Styrian capital of Graz, Austria. Here we still have our headquarters and employ around 1,400 employees.

The total number of employees working worldwide is around 4,200, including the headquarters in Graz, ten producing subsidiaries, and Sales and Service subsidiaries in 35 different countries. They all ensure that Anton Paar products live up to their excellent reputation.

Working together with people in different cultures around the globe broadens our horizons and enriches our lives. We welcome Anton Paar employees from all over the world time and again in Graz to ensure further development, work together on projects, and celebrate our company success at diverse occasions. Together we work to find the best answers to our customers’ questions. 

Because at Anton Paar craftmanship goes hand-in-hand with high-tech

In the 1920s, the company founder, the skilled locksmith Anton Paar, trained his daughter, Margarete Platzer, to be a skilled worker and she became the first female master locksmith in Styria. In 1932 she took over from her father in the company. A love of craftsmanship and the awareness of its importance as the basis for our products have been present at our company from the beginning.

Supported by modern machines we are able to fulfill all critical tasks along the supply chain in-house. This is how we remain independent, are able to ensure our own quality, and grow our internal know-how every day.