The award, presented by County Administrator, Rhu Harris (photo right), was accepted by Reinhard Eberl (photo center), President & CEO and Jeffrey Linka (photo left), Marketing Manager.

Anton Paar USA receives business award

2019-06-18 | Corporate

The award, presented by ths county administrator Rhu Harris, was accepted by Reinhard Eberl, president & CEO of Anton Paar USA and Jeffrey Linka, marketing manager at Anton Paar USA. The company was nominated for this year’s award along with Internet Exchange (RVA-IX.NET) and James River Equipment.

Anton Paar USA with its business success story has called Hanover County its headquarters for the Americas since 1991.

The vision and purpose of the Marc S. Weiss Award was established to recognize a Hanover-based business or entity which has demonstrated a lasting commitment to innovation, meaningful growth, global involvement, and leadership and service within the Hanover business community.

The evaluation criteria for this award include: innovative practices or policies, investment in the Hanover business community, partnerships in Hanover County, international partnerships, growth in scope of the business, vision for future opportunities in Hanover County, established community involvement and engagement, job retention, years in business, creation and training achievement, and recognition of company best practices within their industry.