Anton Paar Apprentice Excursion

2021-10-07 | Corporate

58 apprentices and eight apprentice supervisors between feedback, teambuilding and improvisation in Altaussee.

Ivana and Matthias report about the feedback days 2021

Once a year, the so-called feedback days take place. We apprentices use these days to interact with our instructors and to get to know the other apprentices (especially our new ones). This year we travelled to beautiful Altaussee, where we focused not only on feedback but also on team building.

There are plenty of activities for us throughout the year, from skiing days to visits of technical museums or regular group dinners – but the feedback days are an absolute highlight. On the one hand, the excursion allows us to get to know the new apprentices, who have now been with us for a couple of weeks. On the other hand, the feedback meetings are held during these days. The program included a wide variety of activities in the areas of teambuilding, communication and working together. And of course, there was a lot of fun too.

Feedback for apprentices
Before the feedback meeting, each apprentice was given a questionnaire to help them think about various topics. Then, each apprentice discussed strengths, weaknesses, personal topics and further development wishes with the respective trainer. For us apprentices, this eye-to-eye exchange is extremely important, because we can contribute our opinions, ideas and suggestions for improvement of various kinds.

Improvisation is everything
This year, the theme of the excursion was "improvisational theater". We had to slip into different roles and come up with spontaneous ideas in various situations. So in addition to teambuilding activities, we also did our first improvisation exercises with external trainers on the first morning. After lunch, we rehearsed short scenes and then performed them in front of our trainers and the other apprentices in the evening. On the second day, our apprentice supervisors also joined in and showed their acting skills.

Thanks to our apprentice supervisors and the external trainers for the great time. We are already looking forward to the next apprentice events.

Ivana and Matthias