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Filling Device for Liquid Gases:
LPG-Adapter for DMA 4200 M

  • Filling device for liquid gases: LPG adapter for DMA 4200 M
  • Equips your density meter to measure propane, butane, and propane-butane mixtures from various sample containers
  • Installation in less than 5 sec
  • Simple, safe operation

The LPG-Adapter for DMA 4200 M acts as a link between your gas container and the DMA 4200 M density meter. You can couple your gas container to LPG-Adapter within seconds and without any tools. By opening two valves you fill the liquefied petroleum gas into the LPG-Adapter and from there into the DMA 4200 M density meter.

Key features

"Ready-to-go" solution

  • Combined with a DMA 4200 M, it offers a complete solution
  • Quick coupler to connect your containers within seconds

Suitable for various samples

  • Fills propane, butane and mixtures of these
  • Suitable for various sample containers
  • Enables fast and accurate results

Safe and simple

  • Designed for ultimate safety and manufactured in accordance with Sound Engineering Practice (SEP)
  • Simple operation, short settling-in period
  • Maintenance-free
  • Compact, minimum lab space required

Technical specifications

Maximum permissible pressure15 bar (218 psi)
Maximum permissible temperature35 °C (95 °F)
Minimum permissible temperature5 °C (41 °F)
(L x W x H)
220 x 120 x 80 mm
(8.7 x 4.7 x 3.1 inches)
Weightapprox. 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)

Anton Paar Certified Service

The Anton Paar quality in service and support:
  • More than 350 manufacturer-certified technical experts worldwide
  • Qualified support in your local language
  • Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle
  • 3-year warranty
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