Go with the Flow - From Viscosity to Rheology and Beyond


Viscosity is a very powerful tool for characterizing "fluid-like" materials. It provides insight into how resistant the sample will be flow under both shear and temperature. Typical viscometers apply only a single shear condition over a range of temperatures and thus are limited when a materials move from "unstructured" to "structured". To characterize "structured" materials that can range from flowable to non-flowable the use of rheology, which viscosity is a small subsection of, is incorporated. In rheology the aim is to understand both the viscous and elastic balance which cause changes in the sample under varying shear conditions. The aim of this webinar is to introduce existing principles of rheological theory, along with various test methods that can be incorporated to further characterize a material beyond the use of simply viscosity.


Language: English
Trainer: Mr. James Eickhoff
James Eickhoff

Mr. James Eickhoff has over twelve years of rheology experience.  He is currently a Senior Product Specialist at Anton Paar USA where much of his time is spent helping customers optimize use of their MCR Rheometer and RheoCompass software. James received his Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University and his Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University.


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