Product launch OxyQC Wide Range

2016-08-30 | Corporate

Check the O2 content in waters or wort – fast and highly accurate

The O2 measuring portfolio of Anton Paar just got extended with an OxyQC Wide Range that covers a range from 0.015 ppm to 45 ppm.

OxyQC Wide Range is a compact, robust and portable oxygen meter which uses an optochemical sensor for fast and highly accurate determination of dissolved O2. Covering such a wide range makes the new OxyQC Wide Range suitable for measurement of liquids such as non-deaerated waters, wort or other samples for both production and quality control in the laboratory.

Quality control in the lab

OxyQC Wide Range allows multiple measurements, even out of small sample packages. To fill samples reliably and safely directly out of PET bottles, glass bottles or cans OxyQC Wide Range teams up with the PFD piercing and filling device.

Quality control at-line

To monitor e.g. the optimal fermentation during the wort aeration process via at-line measurements, OxyQC Wide Range is directly connected to the sample point. The fast response time and ideal temperature behavior of the sensor allow excellent measurement stability within seconds. This means less product losses and immediate opportunity for action.

5 reasons for choosing the OxyQC Wide Range