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Volumetric gas sorption analyzers:
iSorb HP

High-pressure high-precision volumetric gas sorption instruments

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With an advanced design featuring high-precision transducers, precise manifold temperature control, and a built-in library of advanced equations of state, the iSorb HP series gives users access to high-quality gas adsorption and kinetic data to a maximum of either 100 bar or 200 bar absolute. Optional temperature control accessories allow measurements over a temperature range of 75 K to 773 K. Available as one- or two-station instruments to meet a variety of user throughput needs, the iSorb™ HP series is perfect for evaluating materials in gas storage, gas separation, or emission control applications.

Technical specifications

Performance/physical iSorb HP1 iSorb HP2
Analysis stations 1 2
Gas inputs 2 (optional 4)
Max. pressure data 100 bar or 200 bar absolute
Min. pressure data 0.0005 bar
LP transducers 2 (1 bar) 3 (1 bar)
HP transducers 2 3
Total transducer count 4 6
Transducer accuracy <±0.05 % f.s
Vacuum pump internal
Turbo pump option yes
Degas type automatic
Degas ports in-situ
Max. degas temp 500 °C
Thermostatted bath option yes
Cryo option yes
Booster option yes
Thermostatted manifold yes
Gas inputs/vents location Side, for easy access
Dimensions (W x H x D) 85 cm x 100 cm x 50.5 cm (33.5 in x 39.25 in x 19.5 in)
Weight 150 kg (330 lbs) 150 kg (330 lbs)

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