Porous Carbon – Hydrocarbon Adsorption – iSorb HP

Hydrocarbon adsorption by a porous carbon was measured using the iSorb HP. The measured surface excess data was converted to the absolute adsorbed amount using the iSorb software.

Porous carbons are made with a variety of starting materials and often contain micro- and/or mesoporosity and large pore volumes. Many of these carbons are inexpensive to manufacture and have far-reaching applications from water/gas purification to CO2 sequestration to gas storage and separation. Important properties of these materials include the traditional properties of BET surface area and pore volume.

In this study, the iSorb HP was used to measure the adsorption of methane, ethane, and propane by F400 porous carbon. From the measured surface excess isotherms, the absolute adsorbed isotherm and storage capacity were calculated in the iSorb software.

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