Semi-solid and solid density analyzers

Semi-solid and solid density analyzers

A complete solution for the density measurement of powders, solids, and semi-solids

Our solid density analyzers are tried-and-tested solutions. The Autotap and Dual Autotap tapped density analyzers conform to a wide range of international standards for the determination of bulk density. The Ultrapyc automatic gas pycnometers are ultra-simple to use and provide ultra-precise skeletal density or true density measurements of your solid and semi-solid materials. 

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Easy to use

Autotap and Ultrapyc instruments make it easy to determine the solid density of your materials. Tapped density analysis with Autotap is straightforward. The Ultrapyc’s intuitive user interface, presented on a large, bright touchscreen, lets you navigate quickly and adjust settings as well as begin, pause, and stop measurements. Since you don’t need a computer for operation, the Ultrapyc even saves bench space. 

Accurate and precise

All Autotap instruments come with Class A graduated cylinders, which are fundamental for obtaining high-accuracy tapped density results. These instruments also deliver consistent results from the specific drop height as well as precise tapping frequency to which they are set during manufacture. The TruPyc technology used on Ultrapyc gas pycnometers ensures accurate true density results in any of their supplied sample cells over the widest available sample range. The TruLock lid closure system on the Ultrapyc provides great precision and repeatability.

Conforms to many internationally recognized test methods

Solid density measurement is used in research, development, and quality control efforts over a diverse range of industries using internationally recognized test methods that specify the use of one of these technologies. The current instrument designs ensure conformity to a host of ASTM, ISO, UOP, USP, MPIF, and JIS test methods.

Ready for a range of applications

Our density analyzers are designed with a wide variety of samples in mind, including food, personal care, paint, asphalt, and adhesives. For the Ultrapyc series, use any of the provided sample cells, and the instrument automatically selects the appropriate reference chamber to ensure accurate results. The PowderProtect mode eliminates the possibility of contaminating your instrument with fine powders or slurry vapors. The built-in Peltier temperature control with a range of 15 °C to 50 °C eliminates the need for external water baths.

Single-station and multi-station options

Our tapped density instruments are available with either one or two analysis stations to accommodate your sample throughput and enhance your laboratory productivity and efficiency. 



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