Anton Paar Launches New Multiwave Series

2023-11-22 | Corporate

Anton Paar has been using microwave digestion technology since 1989. Now the ASC product line is introducing the latest Multiwave series. “Compared to its predecessor, the single Multiwave 7000, we now offer a range of three devices,” explains Product Manager Astrid Knall. This value tiering - a graduation of the scope of delivery and therefore also the price – gives customers the opportunity to select the ideal digestion device.

7101, 7301, 7501
Multiwave 7101 is the most affordable model, with this device customers use their own external cooler. Multiwave 7301 is the update of Multiwave 7000. “With Multiwave 7501, we have improved certain parts inside the device to increase its corrosion resistance, for example against hydrogen chloride and aqua regia. The appliance also uses a more intensive cleaning procedure to remove traces of acid,” says Astrid Knall.

Fast, monitored digestion
The aim of a digestion is to completely dissolve a sample in order to prepare it for various analytical purposes. It is essential that the elements and compounds that are subsequently to be analyzed are contained in unchanged quantities. All three models in the new series are based on the PDC concept – Pressurized Digestion Cavity. This method uses high pressure and high temperatures in a closed container to digest samples in a controlled, very fast and efficient manner. Conditions of up to 300 °C and 199 bars are possible with the new series.

Preparation of various samples
Ceramics, food, environmental, polymer, petroleum, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products – depending on the rack, up to 28 different samples can be digested in the same run with the new Multiwave series. The samples can weigh between 0.1 and 4 grams, and reagent volumes from 500 microliters to 50 milliliters are possible. A variety of safety features such as protection against acid vapors and reaction gases as well as microwave radiation, fault-tolerant software, window shielding and drip cups make the Multiwave series the safest microwave digestion system of its kind on the market.