Building Materials - Determining Rheological Properties with the RheolabQC

Find out how you can measure the viscosity of building materials like resin-based plasters.

This application flash shows how you can profit from the Anton Paar quality control rheometer RheolabQC using a ball measuring system for testing the rheological properties of various building materials like resin-based plasters.

Measuring the viscosity of building materials like plasters

Plasters are frequently used building materials. Knowledge about the viscosity and flow characteristics is essential in their production, quality control and development. Conclusions about the processing behavior, pumpability, sprayability, shelf life, flowability as well as the levelling and application characteristics can be retrieved from successful measurements.

However, large particles often prevent or influence rheological tests. Therefore, the RheolabQC offers the ball measuring system consisting of the flexible cup holder, the measuring cup and the ball measuring system available in different sizes. The external temperature sensor (Pt100) can be used for temperature measurement in the sample.

The Anton Paar Rotational Rheometer RheolabQC

RheolabQC is a rotational rheometer designed especially for the quality control, featuring a high precision encoder and a highly dynamic EC motor.

  • You can choose between operating the rheometer stand-alone or software-controlled with RheoCompass™, a modern and highly intuitive rheometer software.
  • RheolabQC can be operated with a huge variety of accessories. The automatic component recognition Toolmaster™ ensures error-free selection of the measuring geometries.
  • The ball measuring system consists of a cup showing an inner diameter of approximately 115 mm for a sample volume of approximately 500 ml. For the measuring bob three ball measuring geometries are available:

          • BM08/Q1 (ball diameter d = 8 mm)
          • BM12/Q1 (ball diameter d = 12 mm)
          • BM15/Q1 (ball diameter d = 15 mm)

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Good to know

The viscosity of building materials containing large particles can be well measured with RheolabQC. Different shear rates can be preset and the shear-dependent viscosity measured.



The measured plaster shows higher viscosity at lower shear rates and therefore a shear-thinning behavior.

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