Backstage: IT

"In IT I learn something new every day. Change is the only constant."

Markus, Head of IT Enterprise Resource Planning | Anton Paar GmbH

In IT we are in charge of supporting users, purchasing hardware and software, installing and operating the IT infrastructure, supplying IT equipment as well as implementing and operating applications to support our internal processes. And we are not only responsible for the headquarters in Graz but also for 35 other locations worldwide. I get to work with experts in IT every day – from the Helpdesk agent to the system administrator – and every day I get to learn something new from them. Our apprentices are integrated into the daily work routine from day one. If even only one of our systems went down for just one day, the direct consequence would be a significant economic loss for the company. As a team we are able to take on this responsibility. What is considered “state of the art” today is already obsolete tomorrow. This is why I consider a positive approach towards change to be the most crucial requirement in order to succeed in IT.

I actually studied Business Administration but IT is my passion. For my job in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) team I need both skills. Our systems display processes from accounting, logistics, production, customer relations management (CRM), and human resources. They are then presented statistically in our “Business Warehouse”. We are overcoming new challenges every day: From consulting and supporting our process specialists, installing, managing, and administrating systems to programming new business processes, connecting interfaces, and making them available. As head of department, I am responsible for the smooth operation of the systems entrusted to me as well as organizing my team efficiently.

I started working at Anton Paar in 2012 as an SAP consultant and was able to prove myself as a programmer in the CRM implementation project. With time I grew into my role as an SAP and CRM consultant. The trust and appreciation I enjoyed from my supervisors and colleagues have given me additional motivation. Today Anton Paar employees from Sales, Service and Marketing all over the world are working with our CRM system, even on their smartphones. In 2017 I got the chance to take on managerial responsibility. My tasks have changed continuously since I started working at Anton Paar and I’m very excited about where this journey will take me next.