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Water Selective Moisture Analyzer:
Brabender Aquatrac-V

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  • Analyze water-selective moisture content (ISO compliant)
  • Prep for MFR test: Dry samples effectively for accurate results
  • High-precision reference method without calibration
  • Simple, safe operation: No special staff or hazardous materials
  • Connectivity: Seamlessly retrieve data and share across devices

The Aquatrac-V moisture analyzer is the only instrument on the market that determines the water-selective, residual moisture in plastics in compliance with DIN EN ISO 15512:2019. With an accuracy of 0.0001 % (H2O resolution), Acquatrac-V is ready for both QC in the lab and process control. Since it uses the globally recognized calcium hydride method, it offers reliable measurements that you can access from any device. It can also prepare dried polymer samples for Melt Flow Rate (MFR) determination, meaning no specialized labs or hazardous chemicals are needed. An extensive method database, which can be expanded with customer methods, covers various polymer types.

Key features

A compliant water-selective moisture analyzer

A compliant water-selective moisture analyzer

With the Aquatrac-V, get a comprehensive assessment of residual moisture in line with DIN EN ISO 15512:2019. From laboratory quality control to process management, use it across the entire value chain.

The Aquatrac-V uses the recognized calcium hydride method. The sample is heated up under vacuum, which lets water escape. The water reacts with the calcium hydride, and hydrogen is released. This triggers a pressure increase in the vacuum. The instrument tracks the pressure increase and calculates the water content based on the reaction equation. This means that the Aquatrac-V measures the water content accurately and selectively.

Accurate measurements without calibration

Accurate measurements without calibration

Enjoy Aquatrac-V’s 0.0001 % H2O resolution with its direct measurement method – no need for calibration or recalibration like with NIR. The instrument always ensures consistent, reliable results, which lets you save on calibration costs while utilizing a trusted reference method.

Properly dried, MFR-ready samples

Properly dried, MFR-ready samples

It’s the only solution on the market for performing water-selective moisture analysis and preparing the sample for MFR testing in one step. Unlike other systems, Aquatrac-V ensures that your samples are not overly wet after measurements and that you’ve used the right amount of sample size. Precise MFR assessments have never been so easy.

Tailored methods for your water-selective moisture analyzer

Tailored methods for your water-selective moisture analyzer

The Aquatrac-V water selective moisture analyzer comes with a comprehensive methods database for various polymer types. Whether you're working with diverse plastics or specialized materials, preinstalled methods offer a solid foundation. You can expand your database by incorporating your unique materials, which ensures a personalized and precise approach to your analyses.

Software for water-selective moisture content analysis

Software for water-selective moisture content analysis

The Aquatrac-V's software ensures the calcium hydride method is executed accurately. Whether you're in the lab, at the office, or on the go, your data is at your fingertips. The software lets you easily share insights with colleagues. You can connect it to third-party systems like LIMS and ERP.

Technical specifications

Measurement principle:

Chemical reaction with calcium hydride according to DIN EN ISO 15512:2019

Sample weight:

From 0.1 g to max. 130 cm3


0.01 mg / 1 ppm / 0.0001 % H2O


Better than ± 1.4 % of measuring range end value

Measuring range:

0.0001 % to 60 % H2O (relative)    

0.01 % to 60 mg H2O (absolute)

Measuring temperatures:

60 °C to 200 °C in 1 °C steps

Measuring time:

Approx. 10 min. to 60 min. depending on material


%, ppm, mg


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