Coatings, Paints - Rheology of Paints and Coatings with the RheolabQC

Rheological measurements are essential for quality control and research in the paints and coatings industry. The Anton Paar Rotational Rheometer RheolabQC is perfectly suited for such applications.

RheolabQC measures essential quality properties of paints and coatings

Rheological measurements of paints and coatings build the basis for the evaluation of their quality. The structural regeneration, surface leveling and sagging behavior are referred to as the 'thixotropic behavior'. These properties are essential indicators whether a product can be perfectly processed or not.

The thixotropic behavior of coatings cannot be determined from flow curves (spindles or cylinder systems) or from efflux viscometers (flow cup, DIN EN ISO 2431). A suitable test for directly measuring the structural regeneration after shearing is provided by the 3 interval thixotropy test (3ITT). The test procedure simulates the application process with three measuring intervals. The first simulates the behavior at rest before the processing step, the second the structural decomposition behavior during application of the paint or coating (e.g. spraying or painting) and the third the structural regeneration over time after the application.

The Anton Paar Rotational Rheometer RheolabQC

RheolabQC is a rotational rheometer designed especially for the quality control, featuring a high precision encoder and a highly dynamic EC motor.

  • You can choose between operating the rheometer stand-alone or software-controlled with  RheoCompass™, a modern and highly intuitive rheometer software.
  • RheolabQC can be operated with a huge variety of accessories. The automatic component recognition Toolmaster™ ensures error-free selection of the measuring geometries.
  • Measurements with the concentric cylinder measuring systems accord to ISO 3219 and DIN 53019 (for paints and coatings we recommend for example the measuring system set CC27 or CC39).
  • To keep cleaning to a minimum, disposable aluminum measuring cups can be used. This means the measuring cup no longer requires cleaning. High sample throughput with minimum required cleaning is guaranteed.


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Good to know

The RheolabQC measures the structural regeneration of paints and coatings in order to evaluate their application behavior.





The viscosity of the measured paint is high in the beginning (at rest), then low during application of the paint (e.g. spraying or painting at high shear rates), and recovers well (in rest) after the application.

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