Filling Wine from Bag-in-Box Packages for Dissolved Gas Analysis

Direct transfer of wine from Bag-In-Box packages is essential for adequate analysis of dissolved oxygen and dissolved carbon dioxide in wine.

Bag-In-Box packages on the rise 

Over the past years, beverages packed in bags that are embedded in a cardboard box have been enjoying increased popularity. Bag-In-Box packages, also called BIB, are inexpensive, light, and stackable which makes them popular for transportation, and the risk of an undesired cork taint is entirely eliminated.

Monitoring of the oxygen and/or carbon dioxide contents in beverages in BIB packages is a worthwhile procedure in quality analysis not only during or immediately after filling, but also for retain samples to verify the shelf life. 

The following instruments lend themselves for dissolved gas analysis:

  • CboxQC for simultaneous CO2 and O2 analysis,
  • CboxQC At-line for additional use during production,
  • OxyQC for oxygen analysis in the lab or during production.

CboxQC, CboxQC At-line or OxyQC: the choice is yours!

The instrumental setup for filling wine, using the example of red wine, is composed of the BIB sample, a suitable spout connector, a filter, a CboxQC or CboxQC At-line or OxyQC, a peristaltic pump behrotest® PLP 1000, and a waste container. The BIB is placed in a slightly elevated position because of the dimension of the spout and spout connector.

The benefits are obvious!

Dissolved gas analysis in BIB packages is important for quality control.

  • Sampling directly from the BIB package.
  • Simultaneous determination of dissolved CO2 and O2 possible.
  • Independent of size and shape of the BIB package.

Learn more about the CO₂ and Oxygen Meters


O₂ Meter: OxyQC

CarboQC At-line

CboxQC At-line

Anton Paar‘s product series for measuring dissolved CO₂ and O2 in beverages provides the best possible solution for every application

Good to know

Do you also measure wine and sparkling wine in bottles?

The SFD Sparkling Wine Filling Device proves indispensable for transferring samples directly from bottles - also from bottles closed with corks - directly to an analytical meter such as CboxQC, CboxQC At-line, or OxyQC without affecting the dissolved gas composition during sample transfer!

Filling under pressure with SFD means that no CO2 is lost and no oxygen from the ambience introduced during sample transfer.