Success Story: GfL

Certifying the authenticity of fruit juices and related products

Whenever fruit juice is traded, both the buyer and seller require documentation on the authenticity of the juice. One company specializing in the analysis of fruit juice and other beverage raw materials is GfL in Berlin, Germany.

Proof of authenticity

GfL is a privately run testing laboratory that offers its analytical services to companies throughout the value chain. Its main field of business is the analysis of fruit juices; its customers as diverse as pineapple plantation owners, juice wholesalers and retailers, beverage producers and bottlers. CEO Mikko Hofsommer summarizes the customer base as “located anywhere from Brazil to South Africa, Russia to the Middle East, and not forgetting Thailand, Vietnam, and China.”

After 30 years in the business of testing fruit juices and other beverages, GfL is an established force in a market ruled by consumer demands and strict regulations. The 27-strong team of food chemists and technicians work on around 50 to 70 samples per day, some 130,000 analyses every year. ‘Authenticity checked and approved by GfL’ is a certificate which fruit processors, traders, and bottlers use to prove that the juice in question is exactly as it is supposed to be. This means no addition of cheaper fruits, sugar, or water, no low-quality fruits used, and no pesticides or contaminants above the permitted levels.

This certificate provides the proof of authenticity and food safety and confirms that the raw materials for juice production comply with industry- and country-specific standards. Consumers are protected and traders and producers can avoid buying and processing fraudulent produce.

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