Zeta potential studies on the surface treatment of prefilled syringe barrels

A prefilled syringe is a single-dose packet of medication. In the past, metal or glass syringes were popular but nowadays plastic and disposable syringes are getting more and more common. The major challenges in this industry for the manufacturers include the interaction of the material of the prefilled syringe with the drug. SurPASS 3 and its dedicated measuring cell for prefilled syringes offers the possibility to investigate the inner syringe surface of the different barrel materials.


Prefilled syringes are available for more than two decades. They allow both the patient and the syringe manufacturers to deliver the needed medication conveniently.

Due to their small size, prefilled syringes are easy to use and to carry, the self-administration is easier for the patients and the risk of contamination with microorganism is reduced. In the manufacturing process advantages include the smaller drug volume as no overfilling volume as for vials is required to guarantee the correct dose. Additionally the fast and less preparation steps, if they come pre-sterilized, during the production are the biggest advantages.

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