Zeta Potential Measurements on Ludox® TM-40 Colloidal Silica with the Litesizer 500

Ludox® TM-40 is a monodisperse aqueous colloidal silica used for particle size and zeta potential analysis. The silica particles are spherical with a modified surface, which is covered by silanol (Si-OH) groups. The dispersion contains 40 wt.% of SiO2, as well as sodium as a stabilizing counter ion. The pH is adjusted to 9.

Due to its stability, Ludox® TM-40 is often used as a reference material to test the performance of zeta potential measurements. In this application report, electrophoretic light scattering is used to measure the zeta potential of Ludox® TM-40 with the Litesizer™ 500. Multiple samples were measured, and measurements were repeated several times in order to evaluate the stability of Ludox® TM-40.

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