Velocity - Using Nova Series Instruments: Rapid Analyses with Unparalleled Precision

High throughput analyses for BET surface area and pore size determinations are important for many industries, especially in a manufacturing or quality control setting. Nova X00 Series instruments have many new time saving features that enable users to optimize analysis times, resulting in four simultaneous BET surface area measurements measured in as little as 20 minutes, and four simultaneous full isotherm measurements measured in as little as 8 hours.


In any quality control, manufacturing, or research and development setting, quick analysis times and high throughput can be critical. Each Anton Paar Nova X00 Series instrument is designed for velocity – speed oriented in the direction of precision. In particular, the instruments have features designed for analysis speed optimization. These features include: NOVA mode, DoseWizard, VectorDose and fast initialization. In addition, the instruments enable optimization of material analysis times by providing detailed control of the equilibration parameters.

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