Unveil the Secret of Crude Oil Reservoirs with DMA HPM

Reservoir characterization is used to investigate the behavior of crude oils within the reservoir to find the optimal production techniques for maximizing the recovery. Density measurement with DMA HPM does the job!

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods alter the original properties of crude oil to lower the viscosity or the resistance to flow to improve the oil displacement or the fluid flow in the reservoir. One possible method is the chemical flooding technique, i.e. the injection of special soap like solutions to reduce the surface tension between oil and water.

In laboratories, flooding studies imitating the crude oil displacement are simulated using a slim-tube apparatus. The applicability of the process is evaluated by determining the point at which the two substances, crude oil and flooding agent, are still miscible by following the density trend. Sudden changes in density highlight a decomposition of crude oil and the injected material. Density measurements for reservoir studies ensure the use of a suitable flooding substance.

A DMA HPM density meter is designed to be used in a slim-tube apparatus for EOR investigations. DMA HPM is connected to the mPDS 5 evaluation unit which can be mounted in a convenient position next to other displays of the slim-tube apparatus.

The accuracy of DMA HPM is up to 0.1 kg/m³. DMA HPM withstands sample pressures up to 1400 bar and sample temperatures up to 200 °C.

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