TwinDrive Microscopy for Tribology on MCR 702

The MCR 702 from Anton Paar is a multi-functional measuring tool. Its variability can be used to transform this instrument into a high-end tribometer with the possibility to also analyze samples at very low forces and sliding speeds. Due to the modular concept, it is possible to investigate the tribological contact area with microscopes at different load conditions to better understand the effects of different surface structures or lubricants on the tribological parameters.


Tribology is the study of friction, wear, and lubrication of interacting surfaces in relative motion. While excessive friction can result in loss of efficiency and have other detrimental effects due to heat generation and surface alterations, wear might lead to premature failure of the system and reduce its lifetime. Therefore, the study of tribological behavior of materials and systems is quite important to increase their efficiency and longevity. The current report illustrates the use of the TwinDrive setup of the MCR Tribometer, aided with in-situ optical microscopy, to study the tribological behavior of polymer systems under lubricated conditions.

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