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TwinDrive Microscopy as an Advanced Rheometric Tool for Structure Investigations

Relevant for: Materials Science, Dispersions, Suspensions, Emulsions, Foams, Polymer Blends, Life Science, Food

1 Introduction

Rheological measurements reveal information about macroscopic material properties, which are strongly dependent on the microstructure. Therefore, in order to understand and customize the behavior of investigated samples under flow conditions, it is necessarily to pay special attention to the structural changes that occur on the microstructural level. One of the most suitable methods for investigating morphology development in the micrometer size during flow is microscopy.

In addition to structure investigation, the study of blending two immiscible polymers has gained a lot of interest in the last decades. Such immiscible blends, e.g. in the form of dilute Newtonian emulsions, are quite common in various consumer products, such as food, pharmaceuticals or cosmetic products. Information concerning droplet size, droplet deformation and relaxation, as well as droplet breakup can be gained by means of rheo-microscopy.

Simultaneous use of rheometric and optical methods has been achieved by developing specialized accessories for rheo-microscopy, which can easily be adapted to the Modular Compact Rheometer (MCR) platform from Anton Paar.

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