Too little to measure? The low volume setup makes DLS possible for as little as 12 microliters of sample

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) is a method that is widely used in different industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry or life sciences. These industries work with materials and samples which can be very expensive and/or available only in very small quantities, such as therapeutic proteins, antibodies or other valuable active components. This restricts the sample volume which is available for DLS measurement to sometimes only a few microliters.

For such valuable samples Anton Paar recommends the low volume quartz cuvette, which requires a minimum sample volume of 15 µl. This sample volume can even be decreased by using a specially designed plate with a defined height, which is placed into the sample holder underneath the cuvette. The resulting raise of the cuvette allows for a further volume restriction of 3 µl, thus enabling the Litesizer™ series instruments (Litesizer™ 500 and Litesizer™ 100) to measure samples as small as 12 µl.

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