The up-and-coming champion in the carbonated soft drink industry – Carbonated bottled water

Carbonated bottled water becomes more and more important in the carbonated soft drink category. It fulfills the consumer need for a healthier fizzy alternative compared to sugary or artificially sweetened refreshments perfectly.

Seltzer, sparkling water, carbonated mineral water, or soda are different names for this fast-growing beverage segment. All key players are launching new products in this category like 'bubly' and 'bubly bounce' by PepsiCo and 'evian +' by Danone as well as 'AHA' by The Coca-Cola Company. Not only big brands cover this trend, roughly 20 % of the market are private labels producing their own spark in the bottle with or without a twist.

The boost for this segment is health conscious consumers seeking for a fizzy alternative to sugary and artificially sweetened carbonated beverages. The combination with fruit juice, vitamins, caffeine, essential oils, and alcohol covers additional functions and occasions making this refreshment category even more attractive to bottlers and consumers. With caffeine as an afternoon booster or as a hard seltzer with alcohol, carbonated bottled water is an all-around companion in our daily life.

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